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Our Double Drawn Hair is where the majority of shorter hair strands are removed from a bundle of hair, leaving only the longer lengths for a much fuller look and thicker feel throughout your hair extensions.


Our Double Drawn hair collection includes the finest hairs imported from South East Asia. These raw bundles are 1b/ natural black Double Drawn Vietnamese and Cambodian hair.



Vietnamese hair is super smoother and silk. These hair strands are very dense and thick leaving so much body and fullness to your raw hair. Perfect for bone straight styles with a natural shiney lustre.



Our double drawn raw Cambodian bundles slightly more coarse than the other origins but at the same time super lightweight and has a low to medium shine. It holds a curl and styles very well and blends very naturally with all hair types.




These hairs can be coloured to level 9 effortlessly. Each bundle has been sourced from only one donor and each weighing approximately 100g.




write in notes if you would like any different textures this may be specially made for you. Please note this item is custom made

and takes 7 addtional delivery days.

Raw Hair

PriceFrom C$97.50
Excluding Sales Tax

Buy 1 get 1 %50% off